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R. Cap. Adélmio Norberto da Silva, 580
Alto da Boa Vista
Ribeirão Preto - SP, 14025-670

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Nós buscamos qualidade de vida acima de tudo, por isso, fincamos nossa bandeira numa terra, que além de oferecer uma rotina mais dinâmica e um custo de vida bem viável, também oferta ótimo desenvolvimento profissional, crescente economia, recursos modernos e excelentes cervejas artesanais.

Find out if Ribeirão is what you are looking for:

For all types and profiles

Known as the capital of draft beer and cradle for many craft breweries, our Brazilian California offers plurality for those who like to enjoy both morning and night activities; there are bars, theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs for all audiences.

A scenario on the rise

Considered the 24th richest city of the country and the 4th with the highest number of companies in the state, Ribeirão Preto is considered a big technological center, with plenty companies on the area and the cradle for Supera Parque, an enterprise incubator and accelerator that boosts new innovative business opportunities both inside and outside the country.

Learn more about who makes WHF

“I’ve always wanted to have quality of life to dedicate my energy and more intensity to my work. In these almost three year in the city, I’m still amazed by the results! Ribeirão has embraced me and, besides being my house, it has become my home!”

Marianne Pedrosa
Project manager, came from Belo Horizonte

A place to call your own

Those who live in Ribeirão can count with complete neighborhoods, so you don’t have to go far to find everything you need. There are many different kinds of neighborhoods and a variety of blueprints to choose, according to your needs.

Small apartment (up to 38 m²) expenses (monthly rent + condominium fee)

R$ 1,550.00 (São Paulo)

R$ 750,00 (Ribeirão Preto)

Average apartment (up to 38 m²) expenses (monthly rent + condominium fee)

R$ 2,650.00 (São Paulo)

R$ 1,100.00 (Ribeirão Preto)

Choose how you want to get to us

The locomotion through the city is easy and fast. By car or Uber, it is possible to get from one point of the city to the other in 20 minutes.
60% of who works at WHF takes up to 10 minutes to get to work.

For all tastes, literally

The city is abundant in both quantity and variety and you don’t have to empty your pockets to enjoy a good barbecue and all-you-can-eat buffets of all sorts. The city also counts with diverse gastronomy, restaurants of distinct cuisines and vegetarian options, which are both part of the routine and of the going outs of the weekends.

*Average money spent (according to a survey done with WHF's employees)

What’s left for you to pack your bags?

Did you know that WHF has specific hiring policies for people who come from other places? Come and meet our office, try our routine and, if you decide on staying, count on the support to visit your hometown periodically.

50% of the people who work at WHF (including the founders) are not from Ribeirão Preto.

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