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Since 2013 we have been shaping a singular way to deliver innovation. Today, we assemble specific teams for each project as a key factor of success for our clients. Thus, it means that you can join our team the way that suits you better, considering both permanent, and single contract opportunities.


Specialist & Consultant

This is the best alternative for senior professionals seeking innovative challenges. If you want to join our projects, the first step to becoming part of our database. For each project, we look at this database to cast the best talents combining availability, skills, and capabilities. You'll be trained in our methodology before start working on our projects.

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Permanent Positions

This is an alternative for professionals looking for a linear path. We work with professionals in different cities and in different levels of expertise. Therefore, if you think that we can be a long term option for your career we would love to get to know you better.  You can check our latest job opportunities by following @oportunidadeswhf on twitter and instagram.

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Key positions we are interested

Service Designer;
Ux/Ui Designer;
Cx Consultant;
Communication Planner;
Tech Leader;
Inbound Marketing Specialist;
Project Manager;
Data Scientist;
Ux Researcher;
Business Strategist;
Design Thinking Facilitator;
Marketing Specialist;
Product Owner;

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